4000 Series Overview

For residential and light commercial applications Medallions 4000 Series has been the choice of homeowners and architects alike. Our extensive line features a large selection of Standard Styles, and an array of decorative options featuring Decorative Inserts Between Every Other Picket or Inserts Between Every Picket.

4000 Series Quality Difference

  • 25% More Steel Then Industry Standards 1-1/4" Rails & 5/8" Pickets
  • Solid Tube Precision Mandrel Punched Rails
  • Manufactured from Allied Flo Coat® Triple Coated Material
  • Stainless Steel Welds
  • Premium Super Durable Grade Polyester Powder Coat Finish with Enhanced UV Protection
  • Easy to Install Mounting Brackets
  • JS1000™ Plated Mounting Bracket Fasteners
Construction & Finish Specifications
Rails: 1-1/4” undefined × 14ga
Pickets: 5/8" undefined × 18ga
Posts: 2” undefined × 14ga
Picket Interspace: 3-1/2”
Weld: Stainless Steel

Medallion 4000 Series

  • Solid Tube Rails
  • 1-1/4” undefined Rails
  • Interior Weld Seam Zinc Coated
  • Chromate Conversion Coating
  • Organic Clear Coat Sealer / Primer
  • Super Durable Polyester Powder Coat

Other Brands

  • Open Channel Rails
  • 1” undefined Rails
  • Interior Weld Seam Left Unprotected
  • No Chromate Conversion Coating
  • No Organic Clear Coat Sealer / Primer
  • Regular Grade Polyester Powder Coat
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